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The DISC Clues Process

Two Steps to Success:

1] Options Selected and License Fee Paid
Each volume of DISC Clues contains 52 individual web pages that are uploaded to a private, secure server maintained by Sharlene Alexander

2] Schedule DISC Clues emails for the year
Each licensee schedules their 52 weekly DISC Clue email links and maintains their own subscriber client distribution list ... a bulk email service such as Constant Contact is strongly recommended

  • NOTE: DISC Clues are NOT individual emails; you send a LINK to each week's DISC Clue to your Clients in an email


    Select Your Options and DISC Clues Volume

    Place Your License Order

    Email Custom Branding Information to Sharlene:

  • Your website URL for DISC Clues website link
  • Your Logo [jpg or png format, minimum 150 dpi, maximum 400w X 150h and 110 kb size]
  • Your Tagline
  • Phone Number[s]
  • Name or Company Name
  • Email Address
  • Receive / Approve Your Custom Brand draft

    Custom Brand applied to all 52 DISC Clues in each licensed Volume

    All licensed DISC Clues files are loaded onto the EDiscClues private, secure server    

  • This Hosting service is provided at no additional charge
  • Saves licensees the hassle and expense of uploading and maintaining
    the files on their own websites and servers
  • Your licensed personal set of DISC CluesTM are protected, private and secure.

    For each Volume licensed, you are provided with a topic list and individual URL link for each Clue in the Volume.

    Each licensee schedules and administers their own weekly email distribution service and subscriber list to maintain integrity, ensuring that only you have access to your subscriber lists.

    Thank You for Licensing DISC CluesTM
    DISC Tools That Work!

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