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Benefits of Branding DISC Clues

  • Each time a Client prints a DISC Clue, [and they do!] your consistent company reminder 'sticks' to the print copy
  • Every time a Client forwards one of your DISC Clues to a co-worker or associate, your contact information 'sticks' for new prospect references.

    Weekly DISC Clues Benefits

  • Reinforce DISC communication skills in every area of a Client's Daily Environment
  • Increase your DISC training effectiveness in the field by keeping DISC concepts 'Top of Mind' in their team work, conflict resolution, sales, business development and customer service
  • Assist clients with developing the daily habit of 'Think DISC' and adapt for success
  • To keep YOUR assessment and consulting services in 'Top of Mind' Awareness
  • The 52 DISC Clues are designed to appeal to each of the four Behavior Dimensions several times throughout the year and reflect every day environments to 'practice' DISC skills and quickly apply on the job.

    Should I encourage the public to sign up for my weekly DISC Clues as a prospecting tool?

  • Based on my past experience, NO.
  • The public will sign up for anything FREE. However, without attending a DISC workshop or debrief session, a prospect does not have the foundation to understand the DISC concepts being reinforced AND you will not come across as a consummate professional.
  • Without qualifying your prospects, the additional subscribers increases your cost and decrease your effectiveness.

    Are there any restrictions on use or distribution that I need to be aware of? YES! Copyright Violations :
  • Reformating, resizing, rewording, removing ediscclues copyright mark or changing in any way a DISC Clue image or html page
  • Repeating or restating any DISC Clue in an individual email or newsletter [only a LINK to a licensed DISC Clue is allowed in an individual email or newsletter]
  • Distributing any DISC Clue or link on any website, blog, twitter account, facebook, linked in account, pinterest, or any other online page, social media account or feed
  • DISC Clues may only be distributed via links referenced in an individual email or newsletter to personal/corporate clients
  • Why Use a Bulk Email Service rather than Outlook or Outlook Express

  • Each DISC Clue is an individualized private web page. You send out one LINK each week via Email.
  • Email Spam Laws vary from Federal to State and State to State. The one thing that is consistent is that Spam Laws are real and they carry significant fines. Most reputable bulk email services provide built-in services to assist your compliance with up-to-date spam regulations including required subscriber lists and unsubsribe services.
  • Most reputable bulk email services allow you to schedule all 52 weekly emails in advance and they are delivered like clockwork, maintaining your marketing services and consistency.
  • Most reputable bulk email services provide invaluable reports including open rates, individual subscriber opens as well as immediate notification when email addresses bounce so that you can stay in touch with clients whose domain name changes as well as those who take positions with new companies [and who can take you and your services along with them!]
  • Outlook and Outlook Express are email services that require you to stay up-to-date with all spam laws yourself. Also, at this time, neither one provides the distinct advantage of scheduling multiple emails in advance.

    Constant Contact Bulk Email Service
  • The one I have used for almost 15 years is Constant Contact
  • I have found it to be reliable, one of the easiest to set up and a breeze to administer.
  • The suggestions that follow are for Constant Contact. If you use another Bulk Emailer, these same suggestions should also work with perhaps some variations in how the templates and subscriber lists are setup and maintained.

    The link provides more information and a risk-free trial:

    FREE 60 Day Constant Contact Trial

    Thank You for Licensing DISC CluesTM
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