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Subscriber-Client Feedback:

'I look forward to seeing the DISC Tip of the Week appear in my email ledger each week!

It literally brings a smile to my face as I anticipate learning some interesting
and helpful bit of information regarding the DISC model.

The tips are short, succinct, informative, sometimes humorous, visually pleasing and clearly presented!
Thank you for providing them!'

'Love your DISC clues!'

'These are awesome.  May we send them to the teams we've trained the benefits of DISC?'

'What a great idea!  Thank you for doing this.  I am going to enjoy getting this
and reminding myself to think about how I relate to others around me.'

'Thank you so much. What a great idea to keep DISC on our minds!'

'This is fascinating. You have so clearly -- and beautifully -- outlined communication styles
that can so easily trip us up when we're not aware or mindful of how different
we are when it comes to communicating. I admire your professionalism!'

'Week after week I find these SO INCREDIBLY helpful. Thanks for keeping me on the list.'

Thought you would get a kick out of the email one of my clients sent me after just receiving his DISC Clue email:
  'THANKS! ...I have honestly thought several times in the last few weeks about asking you for some of this stuff again.'

Judy Suiter - Competitive Edge, Inc.
'Sharlene Alexander, has created one of the best “electronic glue” concepts that I have seen in a long time.
She has created 52 DISC Clues of the Week that you can license from her with varying levels of customization
and send out to your clients to keep the DISC concepts in ‘Top of Mind’ awareness.'

Jon Morse - The Center for Success
'My clients can't wait to get their weekly messages. I've had many forward to their friends and family.
Guess what? I've received several referrals for workshops because of this value add.'

Carol Moser - Synergy Fuel Coaching & Consulting, LLC
'Still loving the Clues and getting very nice comments from clients. You did an OUTSTANDING job.'

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