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5 Custom Options - Select ONE of Each

[1] Select Your Preferred Series:

TTIInscape/WileyEurope TTI

[2] Select DISC Letter Placement:

When you are training, which letter do you place in
the Upper Left quadrant of the People Reading Slide? The 'C' or the 'D'?

[3] Select Letter Colors

What is Your 'D' Letter Color in DISC:

Red or Green?

D-I-S-C Letter Color Options
D=Red I=Yellow S=Green C=BlueD=Green I=Red S=Blue C=Yellow

[4] Select the DISC Clues Volume you want to License :

DISC CluesVolume 1
DISC CluesVolume 2
DISC CluesVolume 3
DISC CluesVolume 4

Motivator Clues [TTI only] Volume 1

[5] Company Branding:

Benefits of Branding DISC Clues :
  • Each time a Client prints a DISC Clue [and they do!]
    your services reminder 'sticks' to the print copy
  • Every time a Client forwards one of your DISC Clues to a co-worker
    or associate, your contact information 'sticks' for new prospects