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License Fees

SelectionFirst Year License
First Year License
*Annual Renewal
One Volume [52 Clues]$250$400$225
Same Volume
Two Volumes licensed at the same time
[104 Clues]
Same 2 Volumes
Add Additional Volume to a One Volume
Branded License[104 Clues]
Same 2 Volumes
in Year 3

*Annual Renewal applies when the same Volumes are renewed after a Year One License.

Licenses are Time Based rather than Usage or Number of Subscribers Based.

Annual investment is the same whether 1 DISC Clue or all 52 are used

Maximize ROI by sending a DISC Clue every week to stay 'Top of Mind'
with a fast, fun, effective tap on the shoulder to 'think DISC' and call YOU.

First Volume$150
Second - Fourth Volume
Per Volume [using Original - no changes]
$ 50

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